The Great Porting Adventure: Day 2

Where's the Start Menu on this thing?

Yesterday, I spent a chunk of time looking into various possibilities for porting my XNA-based game to non-Microsoft platforms like iOS and OSX. In the end, it seemed like learning Unity would be a prudent move and now would be a logical time to start that process.

In true indie fashion, I’m calling an audible.

I wrote off MonoGame rather quickly without much justification, other than saying it felt too much like magic and I would have trouble resolving any roadblocks I encountered. While that may be true, I think the benefits outweigh the small price of experimentation.The biggest potential upside, other than reusing 95% of my codebase, is that I can maintain a single copy of the game moving forward.

After all, if the MonoGame solution works I should be able to get my game running on something like OSX in a very short time. I figure that’s worth trying out. I’ll spend today setting up my borrowed MacBook, getting my environment in order and running through some MonoGame examples. I figure the OSX port will be a good first test, since it will play identically to the Windows version.

Maybe the first 99% of porting with MonoGame will go smoothly. Maybe the last 1% will prove impractical or impossible. Let’s find out.