Where did all the Alphas go?

Weekly Alpha 5… does not exist! What’s going on! Panic!

The weekly alphas have proven reasonably successful thus far. I’m happy with the responses I’ve gotten as well as the motivation I feel from having more eyes on the project. However, it’s time to go dark for a bit and get some significant work done as I push towards release.

That’s not to say this week has been a total wash. A lot of the effort has been on larger-scale balancing, saving/loading and some under-the-hood work that doesn’t manifest itself as cool things like new monsters and explosions. Still important stuff though.

Project Splice needs to go into a cocoon for about two weeks. When it emerges, it’ll be the push to beta, final playtesting and release! Exciting!

Here’s a picture of the new Lab tileset since you’ve been so good reading up until this point.

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About Ben Kane
I'm a game developer with a heart of gold.

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