Ship it!

I finished my first game! It’s called Zombie Accountant and it’s out now on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace.

Windows Phone 7

In my last post, I showed an early video of a game I’m working on for Xbox Live Indie Games. All of a sudden, I’ve released Zombie Accountant for WP7. What gives?

It came down to scope. I started Zombie Accountant as a side project with much smaller scope than my other game with the intention of actually finishing a game. It seems a bit counter-intuitive to start a new game in order to ensure I finish a game, but it felt like the right thing to do given the amount of work I estimate I have remaining on my other title.

Zombie Accountant actually started as an Xbox 360 game. I had largely ignored the Windows Phone tools – I didn’t bother downloading the beta tools at all. Once the release date for XNA 4.0 support on XBLIG was revealed to be a rather generic “Fall 2010”, I decided I would probably have time to squeeze in a WP7 version. It turned out to be a relatively easy conversion and I feel the simplistic gameplay is well-suited to a mobile experience.

What’s Next

Now that XNA 4.0 support for XBLIG is imminent, I plan on dusting off the X360 build of Zombie Accountant and get it into playtest this week. This will be my first foray into playtest and the peer review system, at least as far as my own games are concerned. I’m looking forward to it (:

More Posts

With a game out on a marketplace, I feel I can take a bit of time to blog about more things. Any interest in hearing about my experience with WP7 certification? How to actually finish a game? A post about my general workflow (e.g. getting set up with Git, getting set up on AppHub)?

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I'm a game developer with a heart of gold.

2 Responses to Ship it!

  1. benign says:

    Congrats! Where’d you get the music?

    I’d be interested in posts on actually finishing a game and workflow. Workflow is a topic close to my heart, and actually finishing things is something I’d like to get better at (;

  2. Ben Kane says:

    The music is from “The Factory” by Multifaros ( Yay CC-Attribution license! I suppose I should put a note on the video page too (done).

    Finishing a game and workflow are good topics I’d like to cover, at least a little bit. I have a few WP7-related things I think I might write about first while they’re fresh though.

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