Not Dead

Work continues sporadically on Yet More Tower Defense, though not for lack of interest. Exams, followed by holiday shopping and events, and the sudden realization of impending doom regarding my honour’s project have all come together to thwart my attempts at getting Yet More Tower Defense ready for playtesting. Realistically, progress is going to be severely hindered by my honours project.

However, I took a few minutes to today to flesh out a simple high score system along with saving and loading. It was a snap to do and I’d been putting it off, but now I’m glad I had some low hanging fruit.

I think it’s hugely important to work on a project every day to keep up the momentum, even if it’s just for half an hour. I let this one slip for almost two weeks – I’m not going to let it fade away. That’s one of the reasons I bought a premium membership early: I’m invested now!

About Ben Kane
I'm a game developer with a heart of gold.

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